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July 2008

Using YourTankTag™ - Field Test & Review

_dsc0045 We had our first opportunity to field test the YourTankTag™ personalized name tag for SCUBA air tanks this weekend at Haigh Quarry in Kankakee, IL.  The visibility was about 20' for the images in the photo album.

This product worked extremely well.  For the field test, the lettering was done in neon green and neon orange.  The neon green worked better underwater, the neon orange was better above.  It easily adjusts to any tank size and is attached in a matter of seconds with the Velcro® tabs on each end.  You put the YourTankTag on first before the BC and when tighten your BC tank strap, it locks the YourTankTag down so that it doesn't slip down the tank.

The YourTankTag made it easy to instantly pick out your buddy from the masses of student divers also in the quarry.  I can only imagine how well it will work in the much more clear waters found in the tropical dive sites of the world.  You can buy the YourTankTag from

A special thanks to Dan & Cindy Howard at DJ's SCUBA in Lyons, IL for sponsoring the photo shoot and letting us hang out with their instructors and students for the day. 

Personalized Name Tags for Your Dive Gear

_dsc0025I came up with the idea to create a line of personalized name tags for dive gear about two years ago.  I started with BC name tags (shown on left).  I sell them on .  I have now added a "YourTankTag".  It makes identifying your buddy and the others from your club, boat, trip, etc. really easy.  These tags are great for Dive Clubs, special trips, birthday or holiday gifts.  The BC tags were recently featured in the June 2008 issue of Sport Diver MagazineSportdiver_2 Yourtanktag