Plainfield Marching Band - Friday Night Light


One of my friends, Alex Garcia, is an award winning photojournalist for the Chicago Tribune.  He has an amazing eye for life and his images are consistently beautiful.  His work is featured on a blog called "Assignment Chicago".  On Tuesdays he offers a series of posts called "Tuesday Photo TIps" that can help bring out the award winning photographer in all of us.  Click on over and enjoy! 

More Northwest Diving Highlights

Home1 First, I must point out that I spent 10 years in the Seattle area (Bainbridge Island and Issaquah/Sammamish).  I love Seattle and hope to return when I retire (or someone leaves me a lot of money).  I came across this image on the website while browsing the popular ScubaBoard social network.  Bob (Grateful Diver) Bailey is the author of the site and his U/W images are stunning!  You really should check it out.  Bob is also a Scuba Instructor so if the images inspire you to take the plunge, I am sure he would be happy to accomodate your new passion.