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EVERNOTE - The Application That I Can't Live Without


I came across this application about 4 months ago while reading an online article about EVERNOTE for the iPad.  Their pitch - capture anything, access everywhere, find things fast, remember everything!  And that is exactly what this software does.  You can install it on your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile ... you get the idea.

You capture your information by typing it in, capturing from your mobile phone, talking to your iSight camera in your laptop, from clipper buttons you install in your favorite browser.  The application then sends it up to your central EVERNOTE account in the "cloud".  You can arrange your notes in virtual notebooks, specify tags, and EVERNOTE even indexes the text in the photo of the whiteboard drawing you took in your last meeting.  The price?  FREE!  Now that comes with advertising and storage restrictions but for $45/year for the premium service -- ads are gone -- more storage, secure data transfer, etc.

I use this application for all kinds of different situations now:

  • Browse a website I want to remember later - clip
  • Want to have a central place for all those business cards you collect?  Snap a quick image with your iPhone camera and then you can just type the name in the search bar
  • Notes of that whiteboard drawing
  • Flight info
  • Find a book in bookstore but don't want to pay bookstore prices - snap a photo - off to Evernote!

Check it out, it really is a fantastic way to keep your information organized.


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I use this application and I love it! I don't know what i did before this. I actually heard about this from Mashable. I also use on my MAC and they sync up perfectly! Great product-always recommend it to people!

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