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TOMS Shoes - A purchase with a 2 for 1 benefit for charity

I wrote a blog post about the TOMS Shoes brand this morning on my professional blog, BrandCosmology.com, highlighting it's "Brand as a Movement" stature.  In researching that post, I came across an opportunity to support two different charitable causes with a single purchase -- TOMS Water Earthwise Men's Classic Shoes.  Not only will TOMS contribute a new pair of shoes to a child in need but they will also fund the construction of three new clean water wells in Ethiopia.  So consider adding a snappy pair of TOMS to your closet and feel twice as good about your purchase.


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Steve Wilson

Authors Update: I have been having an email dialog with Marshall Birkey about the effectiveness of other NGO programs and was reading his blog: http://www.marshallbirkey.com. His November 12, 2010 blog post offers another thoughtful perspective about TOMS Shoes and the giving model it represents. I would encourage you to read it. You can find it by following this link: http://marshallbirkey.com/economic-development/something-to-think-about-if-youre-wearing-toms-shoes/

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