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Another Fantastic Kayak Trip on the Buffalo River

Ride 115 - Tarpon 100
It was a picture perfect day on Friday, May 24th.  My son and I made the 1.5 hour drive from our home to our launching point - the Ponca low-water bridge.  We have our own sit-on-top kayaks, but you can rent kayaks, canoes, and rafts from a number of local concessionaires.  We really like the folks at Lost Valley Canoe - we have used them several times to drive our truck down to our take-out point at Kyles Landing.  Very convenient and saves you an hour and gas shuttling a second vehicle.
Unfortunately without some additional rain, the floating season will be ending soon.  The water was already very shallow in 4 or 5 spots along our float.

Name Tags for Kayaks and Canoes

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Last weekend I was kayaking on the Buffalo River in Northwest Arkansas. The river was quite high and was running very fast (for the Buffalo).  On our 8+ mile run, I must have seen at least 20 kayaks and canoes that had either tipped over, capsized or gotten completely away from their owners. Fortunately I just got wet but it got me thinking about putting a name tag/plate on my kayak in case I was ever separated from it.  You can get a laser engraved name plate over at  They also make tags for your dry bags and your luggage too.  YourBagTag is owned by a family member.